Participation Fees

Paper Participation Fee50 EURO / 50 USD
Paper Participation Fee (Graduate Student)50 EURO / 50 USD
Exhibition Participation Fee50 EURO / 50 USD
Exhibition Participation Fee (Graduate Student)50 EURO / 50 USD
Paper + Exhibition Participation50 EURO / 50 USD
Participation with Two Papers50 EURO / 50 USD
  • For each item above, the international participation fee has been determined as 50 EURO or 50 USD.
  • A participant can participate with a maximum of two papers. Only one work will be accepted for the exhibition.
Account NameKocaeli Üniversitesi Strateji Geliştirme Daire Başkanlığı
TL HESAP NOTR790001002726366764185177
USD HESAP NOTR090001002726366764185079
EURO HESAP NOTR890001002726366764185094
  • The notification or exhibition acceptance number, the name of the participant in the symposium should be included in the shipping note.
  • The symposium will be held face-to-face at Kocaeli University and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Balyanoz Holiday Village and online on the Microsoft Teams Platform. Sessions and Links will be announced on our website.
  • The Juried Group Exhibition will be held online on the symposium website.
  • The painting competition exhibition will be held at Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Balyonoz Holiday Village. The competition is limited to 30 works.
  • Symposium giveaway bags as much as the number of participants will be sent to the addresses of all our participants. Giveaway products are included in the participation fees.