The second of the International Art Symposium (IARTSYMP: International Art Symposium), the first of which was held on 16-20 November 2021 by Kocaeli University Faculty of Fine Arts, will be held between 8-13 May 2023. The main theme of the symposium was determined as “The Rhythm of Art, Art in the 100th Anniversary of the Republic”.

The symposium is open to national and international artists, academics and designers from different disciplines. The event aims to present a scientific and artistic initiative with an interdisciplinary approach. The basic artistic achievements of the Republic, Aşık Veyel and folk art, the rhythm of art and its problems, folk art, daily life, social environment, human psychology, definitions of public space, urban memory, problems encountered in art productions and performances, and studies produced in the academic field. aims to develop and discuss new solution proposals. The event will be held face-to-face and online on the Microsoft Teams platform.


Fine arts, art education, design and related research fields and studies in these fields will be accepted within the scope of the symposium. We hope to bring together the interdisciplinary working opportunities of new research and discussions in the national and international arena within the framework of art and science with the results to be obtained from the presentations and opinions to be made at the symposium. In this context, participants can present their theoretical or applied works in various fields of art as oral or poster presentations or participate in the symposium exhibition with their works. Full text papers will be printed and published as e-books.

Exhibitions organized within the scope of the symposium are organized as Mixed Jury Exhibitions. The Juried Group Exhibition will be held online on the symposium website. In addition, the “Cumhuriyet’s 100th Anniversary Special Collection Contest” and an exhibition in this context will be held. The painting competition exhibition will be held at the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Bayramoğlu Press Advertisement Institution Holiday Village.

Note: Our symposium complies with the criteria of Associate Professorship.


  • Painting, Sculpture, Ceramic, Glass, Printing Arts
  • Graphics, Photography, Cartoon and Animation, Cinema, Video, Visual Arts
  • Art History, Museology, Restoration
  • Performing Arts, Acting, Dramatic Writing, Stage Design
  • Music, Musicology, Performance, Music Theories, Composition
  • Textile, Fashion Design
  • Traditional Turkish Arts
  • Architecture, Interior Architecture

Subject Headings

  • Republic and Art
  • Republic and Urban Memory
  • The language and rhythm of art
  • Aşıklık tradition, Aşık Veysel and folk art
  • Independent art issues
  • Science and Art
  • Children and Art
  • Art and Art Education in the World
  • Art and New Media Technologies
  • Interdisciplinary studies
  • Economy and Art
  • Current approaches, Current studies
  • Art in the public domain
  • Health and Art
  • Artistic Performance
  • Art Education
  • Art Ethics, Law and Copyright